Nove 2

Aspen, Colorado / Residential


2011 AIA Denver Architects Choice Award

2010 AIA Colorado West Honor Award



JDBlack Construction


Nove 2 is a direct response in form to its small trapezoidal lot which sat vacant for years given its many site restraints and complexities. The resulting solution is a stone ‘wedge’ which hints to the owners’ art collection housed primarily within its double-height space. This vaulted space not only houses art but is central to the plan and is the public loci of the house. The interplay of natural light within the twenty-foot volume changes personality as the day unfolds. The site is adjacent to the Aspen Institute, originally designed by Herbert Bayer the architecture respects Aspen’s ‘modernist’ history. The program is divided between an upper private level, public main floor and lower guest level with the windows and doors carefully placed to ensure privacy, capture views and avoid direct sun because of the art. The exterior cladding is composed entirely of a light-weight limestone panel system with custom aluminum windows and doors. The sober interiors reflect the client, and the main level extends into its limited site via the landscape and enjoys several exterior terraces and gardens.


501 Rio Grande Place

Suite 104

Aspen, CO 81611

+1 970 920 9428



2014 Pearl St.

Boulder, CO 80302

+1 720 277 0098