Immersed in a culture of exploration and collaboration, the firm is known for producing inspired modern design that encourages clients to see themselves in a different light—to view architecture and space in new ways.

Studio B Boulder Studio

A passion for modernism, innovative process, and sense of adventure allow the very best ideas to incubate and thrive. High energy, focused teams, weekly pinups, rigorous research and an abundance of passion drive the design process from beginning to end. Collaboration, and the integration and formation of ideas among clients and peers undergird an intense environment fueled by pure possibility communicated through sketches, physical model building, and the creation of computer-generated 3D rendering.

Discerning clients—drawn to the firm’s visually evocative yet highly functional architecture, detailed service and active engagement of the client—find that Studio B’s inventive approach not only exceeds expectations, but elevates and enriches one’s life experience overall. The resultant inclusive design process—known for genuinely valuing client and community input and ideas—brings an added intimate dimension to the team’s evolving conversation of intellectual inquiry, exploration and discovery.


501 Rio Grande Place

Suite 104

Aspen, CO 81611

+1 970 920 9428



2014 Pearl St.

Boulder, CO 80302

+1 720 277 0098