Scott Lindenau, FAIA

Founder / Design Principal

Bachelor of Architecture

Rhode Island School of Design, ‘86

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Rhode Island School of Design, ‘86

Bachelor of Science, Zoology

University of Wisconsin – Madison, ‘82’

Scott Lindenau’s passion for modernist spaces that elevate and enhance the human spirit drives his steadfast search for creative ideas that enlighten client perspectives and open minds. This innate sense of curiosity fuels his ability to consistently deliver inspired buildings that resist formulaic approaches as evidenced by his acceptance of more than 45 local, regional and national design awards over the last decade.

Scott believes it is his responsibility to create a comfort level for his clients, then help them move out of it. The result is a sense of ‘delight’ and ‘discovery’ which emerges from inventive, refreshing new ideas that ultimately enrich ones’ standard of living and experience of life. Scott’s design process, from concept to realization, is one of reinvention that allows clients to reassess how they live, work and manifest their dreams.

Whether Scott is focused on creating a stunning home in Aspen, a state-of-the-art school, or a simple one-room structure in Zambia, his lifelong fascination with world travel, diverse cultures and the human condition brings a unique depth of vision to his highly original work. As a recognized leader with a visually striking portfolio, Scott’s architecture consistently demonstrates why design matters.

As a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Scott was immersed in the school’s renowned hotbed of film production, furniture design, fine arts, glass blowing and many other artistic disciplines. These early creative experiences inspired his preference for a design process that emphasizes an intense cross-pollination of ideas across disciplines. RISD’s ephemeral, poetic and artistic milieu is balanced with a vitality that consistently delivers authentically refined solutions. It is this approach that continues to guide his practice today.

Scott’s buildings, which range widely in scale, location, function and budget, reflect his clients’ personalities and desire for singular structures that speak to their own unique lifestyles, context and worldview. But, great design is not dependent on means—Scott welcomes all project types and budgets as long as his clients appreciate design, embrace the process and aspire to create something wonderful.

Emerging technologies, material innovation and sustainable building practices strongly inform Scott’s rigorous, research-intensive process, along with an innate ability to integrate architecture with the nuances of site. It is this union—between his work and the natural environment—that inspires his signature design aesthetic.

As an individual, Scott is passionate about making beautiful things and exploring the complexities of life. He relishes being out of his comfort zone in his daily life and getting off the beaten track when on holiday. Scott describes his prized African art collection as spiritual, primordial, core and an artistic expression where everything that is unnecessary is removed. All of these pursuits enliven and galvanize him, which in turn allows him to inspire his clients and partner with them to realize a collective vision. Yet, being a father to his two sons reminds Scott why fatherhood [being the architect of his family] is his most treasured role of all.


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Suite 104

Aspen, CO 81611

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